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Welcome to the Illerai Wiki. We are a wiki focused on Illerai, an Oldschool Runescape Private Server. Since Illerai was launched the staff and development team as a whole as worked countless hours to ensure the best experience possible for their fellow players. This would include expanding the content outside unlike any other RSPS, adding custom bosses, monsters, minigames, armors, weapons and more.

Illerai was founded on one key principle of being unique, being bold, and going outside of the norm, and we would recommend you to do the same by contributing to this wiki. If you notice any error hit the "edit" button at the top of the page and help by correcting it yourself. Now if you fill you're unable to do so feel free to contact a Wiki Editor or a Content Moderator to do so for you!

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Illerai RSPS Official Trailer

Illerai RSPS Official Trailer


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